The Red Dress

At the top of my list of "most precious things in the world" is seeing my daughter in the clothes that my sister and I wore as kids.  Call it magical... call it timeless... call it what you want.  It is meaningful in a way that I could never have expected.

For Violet's Christmas play this year (her first!) we decided to go all out and have her wear a fancy red dress from "the archives".  I'm honestly not sure if this one was mine or my sister's, but since she only has boys, I get the run of the treasure chest.  (And while we're on the topic, I couldn't care less whose dress it was... it represents a really special era in my life that Violet gets to share now, in a way).

Instead of fixing worn out elastic we just rolled the sleeves, and instead of buying tights (we still don't own any) a good friend let us borrow some in a pinch.  We took out her star hair style that morning and did a quick bath and detangle so she could wear her hair free for the show.

She stole the show, partly because she sang every word and danced every move, and partly because she just looked so darn cute.  The best part was right in the middle of a song when she saw one of her favorite teachers watching from the sidelines.  She hopped off the stage, ran over for a quick hug, and rejoined the group without missing a beat.

Violet seemed to thoroughly enjoy the stage, just like I did at her age.  She beamed with pride and relished each compliment.  Another thing she relished:  The blue sucker that Daddy may or may not have promised her before the show.  Somehow (thank you, Jesus) that blue sucker stayed in her mouth and off that beautiful white collar.


After the show, we headed home and to the park across the street for a few "red dress" photos.  And after photos, we had lunch and got started on our next hair adventure: yarn twists!  Stay tuned for results.  But for now, enjoy a few of my favorite red dress photos!

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janae said...

you have such adorable children! And your Christmas card was awesome! We loved it!