After yet another fun visit to the doctor's office (that was actually NOT sarcastic... I love showing Violet off anywhere!) we received some updated stats on her growth.

She gained inches and lost ounces. I was bummed to see that she had LOST weight but encouraged by the doctor saying it was nothing to worry about since she had gotten so much taller. He said all the running and walking eats up more calories than they can keep down... even for my little eating machine.

The digits: She is now 30 inches long/tall (30th percentile)... Weighs 19 lbs 14 oz ("below" the chart)... and has a 46 cm head circumference (41st percentile)! She has some serious brains.

I think it's funny how our pediatrician tells me at every visit that Violet "is just going to be a petite girl". What he is really saying: "Mrs. Amaro, you have a large son. Big and tall. He will probably always be a big man. I know it must be hard to understand that Violet is small AND healthy but that is the case. So get used to it."

I will say this - it's a whole new world having a child who wears clothes at or below her designated age. She's still in 9-12 month sizes for the most part.

I asked the doctor about a few behavioral questions - her biting, tantrums and other issues - and he had to contain his laughter in a professional little cough. He said everything I described was 100% normal for her age. Adopted or not, this is part of what most one-year-olds go through (and put their parents through). Violet even was kind enough to demonstrate a tantrum right there in the doctor's office. She flung herself onto the floor, belly down, scream/crying and oozing the biggest crocodile tears you have ever seen into little puddles on the floor.

The doctor just smiled that knowing smile and said, "She has adjusted perfectly. She is displaying perfect attachment to you. She is healthy. And ... she is one."


Texas in August

Another amazing Texas trip... as usual, photos tell the story better.