Green Shoes

This week, Violet entered into what is SURE to become her favorite "era" so far in our home: The Era of the Green Shoes.

These are Daniel's shoes from a few years back and have been waiting in Violet's shoe drawer since April (complete with plentiful scuff marks and countless memories).

Daniel lived in these shoes back when his feet were half of their current size and we have been eagerly waiting for Violet to inherit the legacy. And the coolness. And the undeniable style.

The time has come. They finally fit... let the retro-sheek-envy-inducing fun begin.

(It also means that our little lightweight's feet have grown 3 sizes since April. I'm pretty sure that's not normal.)


Elephant Night

The first of many family fun nights (henceforth known as Fam Jams!)... we celebrated "Elephant Night" tonight.

I think it was international elephant day or something... but for whatever reason we just decided to have a fun elephant-themed evening.

We ate elephant food. We played elephant games. We stomped in chalk elephant foot prints. We sprayed each other with our trunks (straws) at the watering hole (tupperware full of water). We soaked the littlest elephant (Violet). We played with all of our elephant toys. We all wore elephant colors = gray. We tried to watch Horton Hears a Hoo... but the disc didn't work. Elephant night ended a little early.

BUT it was so much fun!


Home Sick

Well, I finally got the first of many calls from the preschool... Violet had a fever and needed to be picked up. Poor little thing was burning up and just miserable/exhausted. Honestly I'm surprised she lasted this long without coming down with "The Preschool" disease.

As I'm writing this, she's napping fitfully, but at least she's in her own bed. Every few minutes I head in there to console her and rock her back to sleep. We all know how it feels to be feverish and I wish I could just fix it for her.

However, the sweet cuddle time is nice. I'm not gonna lie.

Lately I have been noticing that I'm drawing out the "she's my baby" stage a little longer than is probably necessary. She doesn't need a bottle anymore, but I still like to give her some milk in a Nuby before bed. She doesn't need to be rocked to sleep anymore (she's amazing at going to sleep on her own) but I'm not quite ready to be done with that yet.

Maybe it's because I missed the first 11 months of babydom with her and I'm making up for lost time. Or maybe it's just because she's such a little lady already and I'm missing the baby in her.

Either way, it's my perogative and I make no apologies: As long as Violet will let me rock/cuddle/baby/indulge her, I will do so.