A Summer on FB

So, Summer came and went and I'm still getting caught up on blog posts (what's new, right?).  But here's the snapshot version of Violet's last three months through the fabulous facebook filter... in no particular order!

So thankful my husband taught Violet the word "Capiche".  Seriously.  Nothing cuter than a 20 pound kid saying, "Mommy, you read me two stories please then you sing me two songs.  Capiche?"

3 stores + 2 kids + 4 times in and out of car seats + 2 sprints to the bathroom + 10 bags of groceries + 0 bad behavior = 1 happy mom.

We are back, world.  After a two day delay with a broken down van, the great outdoors seemed that much more great.  And even bigger through the eyes of someone so tiny.

It took me a while to figure out why the fans were always off after I know I had turned them on.  Mystery solved:  Violet is finally tall enough to reach the switches... But only the "off" switches.

Ah, the potential... Violet is coming unglued with excitement.  New paint brushes... it's like Christmas over here. 

V wasn't interested in legos until I said the words "lego bracelet"... then she was onboard.

Turns out my gramma's grandmother was named Violet.  No one knew this until today.  Kind of cool that we accidentally gave V a family name.

(And in an even crazier turn of events, my sister researched more and found out that the original Violet's mom's name was "Mariam" - V's middle name that we thought we had invented!)

Crazy day.  But there were some great moments.  Most notably just now when my kids and I sat in the dark on the sidewalk, watching an insane lightening show.  And then the next moment was pretty good too:  The sky opened up and it started pouring.  The NEXT moment (the screaming and running for the house) might take the cake. 

Violet, talking to Baby Karate (a doll):  "Baby Karate Amaro, don't suck your thumb!  Take it out!!"  Can you tell what we have been working on at home??

My first 2 cornrows... but they aren't on Violet!  My sister Keila let me practice on her head.  Totally different texture than Violet, but great practice.  Excited!

Ms. V is a happy girl... especially today.  It's her first day in big girl undies at school.  She has been begging us... guess it's time!

Girlie girls today... Ms. V and I got *real* pedicures with the Garland girls.

I am cracking myself up at Veggie Tales' Wizard of Ha's.  Seriously hilarious lines for the benefit of the parents, I'm sure.  "His name is Darby, and he's our hero... like Dana Carvey, Robert DeNiro..."

She just went into my closet and came out with the only heels I own.  That happen to be red.  Lord, help us. 


My Girl

Me and my girl.  Her kisses are the best. 


Renewed Creativity

New Style!  I have been newly inspired by 1) Violet's thickening and lengthening hair, and 2) a new fun blog I found:  Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care.  It's a fun source of creative new styles, just in time for us.  Violet's damage in the back doesn't seem to be getting much better, and we're going to have to stick to JUST protective styles for a while.  (Bye, sweet little fro!  See you soon!)  

In the meantime, I'm excited to try all kinds of new styles.  Violet sits still for me for long stretches of time, which is helpful.  Her current favorite movie is Ponyo (I'm pretty sure this is Fernando and my favorite movie right now, too...) and she cozies up in her high chair with a blanket and a snack and just is a an absolute trooper.  It doesn't hurt that Daniel runs over ever 30 minutes, exclaiming, "Violet!  Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!"   

This style was born out of me biting off more than I could chew.  My original plan was to test out my flat rope twists on the top of her head (and some parting practice) and finish the rest of her head in regular rope twists, free-hanging.  But time ran out.  So, the top half are flat rope twists, continued into regular rope twists, and just added into 2 puffs.  I may finish out her head in twists later this week, to keep the back of her head protected.  We'll see.  

The downside is that there is so much baby hair still growing in that the twists were fuzzy from the beginning, even with freshly washed/detangled/producted strands.  It's ok.  She's 2.  And I'm new at all this craziness. (I'm talking myself into this, apparently).

Right now, we are loving this style on her and she seems to agree!   It looks precious with bobbles on the pigtails or matching flowers.  Lots of options!  I think this style is a keeper.  



I know... it's been weeks since a Violet update!  After years of not missing a week, I am finally playing catch-up.  I will fill in the gaps in the next few weeks, with lots of photos along the way.  Stay tuned for new styles... new adventures... new camping stories... new health updates and all kinds of excitement in the world of Ms. V!