Raising Funds & Overcoming Fear

Money is awkward. That's just the way it is. People get weird when you talk about money, no matter if it's the economy, their corporate budget, their personal spending habits, or who's picking up the tab for lunch.

And babies cost money - no matter HOW you have them. Hospital bills. Supplies. Doctors appointment. Legal issues. The list goes on! With an adoption, there are a few additional fees like travel expenses, visas, lawyers, and fees unique to Ethiopia. It basically adds up to money that we don't have just sitting around!

But every time I start to stress, Fernando reminds me... God is in this thing, and we need to have total confidence that He will not let us down. Even now, He has provided every step of the way. Before each payment is due, we've received just the right amount in a donation, a photo session payment, or a hidden "extra" in our own personal budget.

We're working hard to save our own money and funnel as much as possible into our adoption account. We've just started the fund-raising efforts, even though a few dear friends have already made (very generous!) donations. As humbling as this process is, it's equally exhilarating to know we're petitioning for such an incredible opportunity to profoundly change a life!