4:55 a.m.

This is what happens at 4:55 a.m. when two little campers wake up 65 minutes before the camp "quiet hours" are over. Quiet giggling and pretty much anything to keep them entertained and... quiet.


My Favorite Word: Vacation

Violet's first camping trip was... perfection.

She loved every minute, whether riding on Daddy's shoulder's "roaring" like a bear or toasting "zebra" marshmallows with chocolate lacing. Daniel doted on her the entire time and she even slept in her pack'n'play like a champ. A champ in four layers of clothing (including a winter coat) to stay warm. She could barely walk. She delighted in making us laugh ("Bacon!") and pretending to call Daniel's teacher on the toy phone to report his good or bad behavior.

Here are a few fun Violet-related photos... there are some nice artsy ones HERE and some Daniel ones HERE... and even some that Daniel took with his own camera HERE... (in case you wanted to go to four different places to see camping photos!)


Recent Nostalgia

Four photos that make me nostalgic. Just wanted to share.

Somehow I already know that 20-years-from-now me will look at these four on a regular basis, and remember with extreme fondness, this impossibly sweet and magical era.


Sweet Brother

Violet lives a charmed life. She is pretty much adored by everyone who crosses her path... including her big brother.

He is the proudest brother I have ever seen, and the most doting. He is nurturing towards her and takes care of her when she gets hurt. He tells her she's beautiful and is happy to see her each morning. There aren't enough photos in the world to show his heart for her (and hers for him) but these will have to do.


Real Party Photos!

As promised, here are some more of the lovely memories from Violet's 2nd Birthday party... VIOMI! Perfect weather, delicious food, and tons of fabulous family members.


Viomi Preview

Warning: Real post (and photos) coming soon.

But I couldn't resist sharing a FEW of the fun images from Violet's 2nd birthday party... which fell on our cousin Naomi's REAL birthday... so we just combined parties = Viomi.

Too. Much. Fun.