Hello Referral

It happened. We got the call. Twice, actually.

I had just finished giving a tour to 13 Australian pastors at work which was apparently God's idea of irony after the defaming Australian news story that hit the world last week about our agency.

Still feeling angry at the reporter (and irrationally, all of Australia) of COURSE I would have to hang out with a bunch of Australians that day. But of course they were wonderful people, and as if to symbolize my closure, at the very end of the tour, my cell phone rang with an unknown number.

"Hello, this is Sue Kramer with Christian World Adoption."

My heart stopped. I had truly not expected this.

She continued, "I have some information I'd like to share with you... but... oh no! I just noticed the time! I have to be present at a webinar for an hour. I will call you back after that."


So for an hour we participated in the webinar with our hearts racing and stomachs churning. God's timing is perfect... the information we received during that hour was more than helpful. It contained all the answers to my uncertainties and questions regarding the ethical conduct of our agency. We trust them. By the end of the house, my heart was open and fully ready to receive the information in store.

The webinar ended. That second hand moved in slow motion. Finally, the phone rang.

It's a girl :) A sweet baby girl.

Sue gave us all the information they currently have, most of which cannot be shared anywhere until more legal steps are taken. This child is, after all, a legal citizen of Ethiopia and the agency is careful to protect her identity.

Now, we proceed to the medical approval stage, then onto applying for a court date. There are plenty of hoops still to be jumped through, but it's so exciting to finally see the face of the baby that could become ours!



We have been waiting since February. While it's normal to wait this long (and maybe longer), it starts to play mind games with you.

Somewhere about halfway through the Summer, my subconscious convinced my conscious to shift the adoption to the back burner of my brain... to try to pretend it wasn't happening. It's the classic defense mechanism - putting distance to protect yourself, and your emotions. And in truth, there were days that it didn't once cross my mind.

This wait is hard. To know that our child has probably already been born, and is this far away... it hurts my heart.

Last night I had a very vivid dream about receiving a referral. I woke up with butterflies and knots in my stomach: This adoption is real! It's happening. Even if it's 2 more months until we see our baby's photo, we ARE having a baby.

I have had my cell phone next to me all morning - just in case today's the day.

You never know :)