Pink Pink Pink

Today the world smelled like flowers. Partly because that is just what happens in Phoenix every year about this time, but mostly because I am about to have a daughter. Everything is different now.

Tonight I bought a shopping cart full of tiny, flowered, pink, purple, polka dotted, ruffled outfits for a tiny, sweet little girl. I brought a measuring tape, to compare the agency's measurements with actual clothing... turns out she's smaller than I was imagining. 16 pounds, 26 inches tall, 4.5 inch feet.

My heart kept racing. Throughout today and this evening it has sunk in even more: This is real. At this time next week, we'll be waking up together in Ethiopia, on our second day of having known each other. I wonder what we'll look like to her... smell like... I wonder if even on the second day there will be more familiarity and comfort than on day one. I wonder how she'll look at us.

And I wonder how we're going to get all those clothes to fit in her closet.


New Life

Spring is in full force here in Phoenix. New life all around... Easter in a few days... Flowers blooming... Birds singing... Airplanes leaving to Ethiopia...

... with us on them!

We leave THIS coming Monday, April 5th at 9:30 a.m.! As in "six days from now". Here are a few understatements: Insane. Crazy. Short notice. Breathtaking (literally).

After we got "the call", we ran around in circles in the living room trying to figure out our next step. Fernando said "pancakes"... which is a great next step, no matter the situation. We loaded up and went to IHOP where we made giant "to do" lists while eating breakfast.

It's already been a whirlwind... but we could not be more excited. Flights are booked, paperwork is prepared, and the massive shopping/packing project begins tonight.