Take That, Corn Row Fear

That's right:  Those are corn rows.  As in, corn rows I did myself.  Today I am one. proud. mama.

I adore Violet's hair, and learning all kinds of new styles.  But corn rows have been an enormous obstacle in my mind, lurking there for years now, honestly, waiting for me to fail.  They are basically upside-down and backwards braids, forcing me to unlearn/relearn something I have done instinctually since childhood.  They are awkward and clunky, and every week I KNOW I need to bite the bullet and just do it, but I inevitably end up doing a technique I am more familiar with to save face.

Not this week.  At Violet's first hair cut, her fabulous stylist demonstrated how to corn row.  And watching her, I saw EVERYTHING I had been doing wrong.  My hands were in the wrong positions, my fingers were moving the wrong directions, pretty much everything had been wrong.  She made me take the reigns for a bit, cornrowing a few stitches of our practice row.  When I got home, we continued and (finally!) it clicked.

Are they pretty?  Not really.  Do I care?  Not a bit.

I'm sure I'll look back on these photos and laugh at how terrible my first corn rows are.  I'm cool with that.  Because today, I am on cloud nine, people.

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These are really great for your first time! I'm trying to learn how to cornrow properly but my 2 year old won't sit still for longer than 5 - 10 minutes. I'm thinking about buying a doll in order to practice more.