Facebook Funnies

Just a few of our recent "facebook funnies".  I adore her sense of humor.  (She does too.  Which is half the fun.)

Recently on facebook:

Violet, from the other room:  "I LOVE YOU!!"
Me: "I Love You, Too!!"
Violet:  "No, I was talking to the mirror!"

You know it's been a bit of a "sassy" day when, during her pre-dinner prayer, Violet apologizes to two members of the Holy Trinity.  Individually.

Little Miss Sass.  She is so full of life.  And Sass.

This I just learned:  It is virtually impossible to scold a child while you have hiccups.

True Story:  While walking the kids into preschool today, someone asked me if I was babysitting.

You know you have a girlie girl when ... she sleeps like THIS!

At Beauty and the Beast, with my beauty.  Didn't expect to cry, but my tears started rolling with the first "Bonjour" with my baby girl snuggled in my lap.  Love turning old memories into new ones.

We've been working on shape recognition with Violet.  Fernando told me he has been trying some silly incentive strategies with her.  Today, I asked Violet to point to the circle.  Without pausing she asked me, "If I get it right, do I get to lick your nose?"

Daniel:  "Can we put Violet's hair back the other way?  You know, the way God made it?  With rainbow beads?"

Helpful Parenting Tip:  Don't tell your 2 year old daughter the story of "Daniel in the Lion's Den" if her older brother whom she adores is named Daniel.  She will burst into tears halfway through.  

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