It's Gramma Time

Among the kid's favorite times of the year is "GRAMMA TIME!" which is preceded by weeks of "Is it Gramma Day yet?" and followed by weeks of "Can Gramma come back?"

My mom came to grace us with her presence for nine fabulous days full of museums, hikes, visits to the candy shop, swinging, playing at the park, and early morning play sessions in her room.  The kids would wake up earlier JUST to sneak in and have some Gramma time before Mommy and Daddy woke up.

They simply couldn't love her more, and they crave any and all attention from her.  It's such a blessing to have a Mom who loves my kids this much - it makes me proud of them, and of her.  (Especially watching her injure herself repeatedly in crazy games of "chase" with them in the backyard!  She is a tough cookie!)

Watching them together, she reminds me of my own Gramma and thousands (millions) of indescribably good memories from my childhood.  It's a beautiful legacy that she is continuing.  

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