Mini Braids & Dress Up

This week, Violet decided she wanted to play dress up for our "new style" photos.  (And may I just say that I love how she has become part of the decision-making process surrounding styles and post-style photos.  It's so fun to collaborate.)

She picked out some of "her favorite" jewelry of mine, along with the infamous red slip, and we got to photographing her new do.

Somehow, I have managed to NEVER do basic braids on her.  After taking out her corn rows (and falling in love with the braid out look) we tested the waters this week and both love the outcome.  Not gonna lie... I did it mostly for the braid out I know is coming... but the style itself won me over in the end.

There are around 60 braids (not sure if that qualifies as "mini braids" or not!) but they are just precious on her.  Each braid twists and curls on it's own, so it gives her a full head of curly strands.

We parted her hair diagonally, too, that was a first - easier in some ways than boxes, and harder too.

One of my favorite things about this was the way each braid required no banding at the bottom.  Twists don't require it either on Violet's hair, but have a tendency to unravel a bit after a day or two.  These braids are in for the long haul.  And at the bottom, with very little coaching from me, each tip formed a ringlet or curly q shape.  

I'm writing this going on day 6 of the style, and it's still looking great.  I'm wondering if we found our "keeper style" for our week in California next month.  It took five hours total, and I'm guessing will take less next time.

It's sweet and sassy too, both necessary elements for a very sweet and sassy little lady.




I love this hairstyle and the photoshoot. She is adorable!!

theamaros said...

Thank you! We are planning on this style again soon...!