Her World Right Now

While taking a few photos of her latest hair style, I accidentally captured this little magical moment in Violet's world:

This will be one of those photos I'll look at fondly many years from now.  However, in my never-ceasing-attempt-to-preserve-every-meaningful-detail-of-every-beautiful-moment, here are the frozen in time pieces of Violet's world... from left to right... in a list.  Because nothing makes a memory more beautiful than a list, right?  No?  Guess it's just me.

From left to right, I present to the fabulous details in the fabulous world of Miss V.

1)  The cubed bookshelves that house her toys/books/etc.  As always, the basket that is open is her "dress up" basket.  The plastic microphone is within reach for (very) frequent use, as is the little magnetic drawing toy that helped her learn her first letter:  V.

2)  Her pink princess tent that she got from Christmas.  It's a fun temporary addition to the room, also a great place for hiding in our fairly frequent games of hide-n-seek.  But the household member who loves it more than anyone is our cat Mittens.  So much so, in fact, that her toys now belong in the tent at night when we clean up.  Not sure if she thinks she is royalty or she just likes the fact that she can hide from the chaos.  I suspect it's both.

3)  Behind Daniel's head, you'll see a taped "V" to the wall.  Well, you can't exactly see it, but trust me, that's what it is.  After discovering tape and scrapbook scissors, Daniel has been a madman about making little creations and taping them in random spots.  Violet has received at least three of these random gifts.

4)  Her beloved brother.  He is adored, followed and revered... also pushed, yelled at and tattled on.  This is the way of siblings, and there's nothing more fun than watching their relationship develop.

5)  The little pink pram behind Daniel has become far more than a stroller to Violet.  It occasionally houses sleeping baby dolls, but more often serves as a make shift grocery cart or tea party mobile that conveniently moves the tea party outdoors when necessary.  

6)  That little recliner has been around since this was Daniel's room.  But never has it gotten so much use.  Every nap, every bedtime:  "Rock me, please!"  We cuddle up and rock away.  We tell stories, sing songs, and sometimes both of us say that we're too tired to do anything but just rock.  I have already informed her that I'll be rocking her even when she's in high school.

7)  The biggest change in Violet's world right now is her sleeping contraption:  A brand new toddler bed.  We skipped this stage completely with Daniel, but Violet is so petite, it is actually practical.  That, and her room is tiny, so it saves space.  She LOVES it.  The downside:  Those satin sheets that are so good for her hair are now also good and letting her slide right off the bed.  It took a few nights for her to get the hang of staying in bed.

8)  The Cute White Dress that has been Violet's permanent accessory these past few months.  My childhood slip has become her royal attire.  If we'd let her, she'd sleep in it.

9)  The fuzzy yellow duck "skin" (from my childhood) is part of our post-bath routine, and both Daniel and Violet like to curl up on it to get warm and dry.  We had just done bath time that morning, so Mr. Duck was still out to play.

There you go.  A left-to-right tour of my beauty's little world.  She brings such magic to every room she enters... it's no wonder that her room is our home's hub of wonder and playfulness.  

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