First Hair Cut!

Who is THAT kid?  Amazing, right??

No, it's not Diana Ross in my backyard.  It's Violet after her first haircut.

I have been really nervous for a while about this (confession time) mostly because I was afraid a stylist would tell me that I wasn't properly caring for her hair.  Silly, right?  But real.  Also because I was afraid of losing significant length that (at least in my mind) we had worked so hard for.

The way I finally found the stylist, Tai, we selected was pretty funny:  I admired her daughter's hair from afar, mentally promising to someday be "that good" with Violet's hair.  Through a few connections, we swapped numbers, set a date and made it official.  (Sounds like we got married, huh?  That was a pretty awkward sentence.)

Tai used a blow dryer on a very low setting to gently extend Violet's hair to it's full length (which was AMAZING to see, in and of itself) and cut her hair by feel, and through simple two strand twists.  To my delight, she told me her hair was in great shape, and very little needed to come off.

The best part:  A corn row demonstration that helped me achieve a breakthrough on my biggest hair obstacle yet.  But you'll have to read that post to get the full scoop.

It was a fun afternoon, and we're already looking forward to her next trim in two months.  I can't wait to see how much new growth we'll see in the blow out.  Because I'm extremely impressed with what we have seen in less than two years:

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