Blue Dress a la 1981

I love that my parents saved a lot of my old dresses, and my (homemade!) hair accessories as well.  There are few things as sweet as watching Violet rock one of my old frocks - and that's just what she did today for church.  She obliged me a few photos in exchange for a sucker... one that matched her dress, of course.  

My parents made each of these clips for my sister and I when we were kids.  Now Violet is their proud owner, and we keep them on the bar and velvet strips my Dad crafted when I was young.  It's fun just to go through them, enjoying specific memories or just the warm feelings of childhood in general.

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meg said...

love the hanger of bows. it's amazing how many hair accessories we've managed to collect in the short 14 months our daughter has been alive. ours living in a little house we made to hold them so we could see what we had on hand: http://www.patrioticandromantic.com/2011/12/storing-all-those-bows-2/