Halfrows with Beads

Valentine's Day is next week and while I'm drooling over the elaborate heart-themed-styles some of the (very accomplished) hair gurus are taking on, I'm just not there yet.  So we decided that pink and red beads would be festive enough and created a mock headband of beads from ear to ear.

I ALMOST did flat twists (again) but made myself take another stab at cornrows... but this time only "halfrows".  This turned out to be fabulous for practice purposes, and we ended up with a pretty, creative, feminine style perfect for Valentine's Day.

Clearly, Violet has problems loving herself... :)  It is hilarious how much confidence is NOT an issue with her.  I'm hoping it stays this way for a long... long... long... time.

Here's an up close shot of the latest cornrow skills.  Not fabulous, but definitely getting better each time.  The beads were easy to anchor, I just banded the cornrow with a bit of the "free hair" behind it, and the rubber band kept the bead in place.  After a week, only two beads worked their way over the bands.  

Once again, she helped me pick out the outfit for these "style photos" and she was VERY excited about the shoes.  They were the shoes she wore at Halloween with her ice-cream cone outfit.

It obviously isn't a totally protective style (the whole back of her head is unprotected) BUT it is one we'll do again for things like holidays, plays/productions, photos, etc as the headband is extremely striking and the rows make the detail work look more impressive than it actually is!

Every style is fun, but the ones I adapt and get creative with are the most rewarding.  As I'm getting more comfortable in this role of "stylist", my nerves are calming and my imagination is starting to take off... I sense a bunch of new styles in our future!   

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Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

How ADORABLE!!! I am visiting your blog via Natural with Kendra and your daughter is cute, cute, cute! :)

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